What If I Binge on a Low Carb Diet

You Went on a Binge, on Your Low Carb Diet – What Next!

So you went on a binge and ate a bunch of carbs. It’s not the end of the world. And, you might be surprised to learn that an occasional binge can actually be a good thing – at least for some people.  We need to be clear here that the following advice will work for some but not all people.  We all react differently. Going on a binge for some people is a one-way trip – they just can’t manage to get back on the diet.  So for those people, the following advice might not make sense.  For most, however, a short binge on a low carb diet is recoverable if you have the right attitude about it.

It really doesn’t matter which diet program you have chosen to implement as long as it’s one of the diets that work.  There are times that sticking to your plan is tough. Never kick yourself for a binge, simply get back on your healthy eating plan as soon as possible. Life is too short to not enjoy a treat once in awhile. Problems arise when you stay on a binge. It leads you back down the path of the same unhealthy lifestyle you’re trying to give up. However, you should never deprive yourself of something you enjoy. Just enjoy it in moderation and according to your low carbohydrate plan to get back on your plan.

Many fitness buffs and bodybuilders actually use what they call “carb cycling.” It simply means that they limit their carb intake on most days and once in awhile they will have a day where they over load on carbs. By doing this, they not only satisfy cravings–they know they will get to treat themselves on occasion, but it also helps the body switch gears.

Everyone hits a plateau with weight loss. When this happens, they suggest you change up your exercise routine and challenge the body. The body “gets used” to things being the same way all the time. When you switch things up, the body is forced out of its stagnation period. Loading up on carbs once in awhile does the same thing for your metabolism and weight loss. If you’ve ever done this, had a binge and then went back on your low carb plan, you may have noticed that you dropped an extra pound or two the following week.

Bodybuilders carb cycle quite a bit. If you’re on a low carb eating plan you may not want to cycle that often, but having a binge once in awhile is not a bad thing. You don’t want to live life feeling like you’re deprived. That’s the fastest way to blow any diet plan and return to old eating habits. However, if you allow yourself to cheat once in awhile, it makes things a lot easier on the days you are eating healthy.

If you have any health related issues, like diabetes, you’ll definitely want to control your carb intake a lot better and choose healthier, slow digesting carbs as your treats. You don’t want to binge or carb cycle very often.

Any weight loss plan is about making healthier choices. Low carb is no different, but an occasional treat for yourself is not the end of the world. Just get back on your plan and be happy knowing that you can cheat a little bit.

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