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What Does Craving Salt Mean – How Do I Stop It?

Craving salt is a common complaint, often accompanied with similar complaints about craving sweets or other things we know we shouldn’t eat.  Most of us realize too much salt isn’t good, yet we all realize it is an essential nutrient.  It is so essential; in fact, we’d die without it in some form or another.  There are a number of ways an issue of Craving Salt can occur, anywhere from a mild case of it, during pregnancy, or even severe cases.  The video below covers some good suggestions on what to do for mild cravings or during pregnancy.  It is not uncommon for pregnant women to crave salt.  The reason for this isn’t clear, but may be associated with water retention or hormonal changes during pregnancy or simply that the body is trying to replenish salt lost during bouts of morning sickness.   For severe cravings, there are suggestions included below the video.

If craving for salt is severe, there can be serious underlying medical conditions that may be the cause.   Adrenal Insufficiency (Addison’s Disease) is one example.   Symptoms for it include craving salt, fatigue, low blood pressure, weakness, and weight loss.   Another condition is Bartter Syndrome, which is a rare kidney disorder.  In any case, a severe case of craving salt should be taken care of by a doctor, not online!

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