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Sugar Detox for Ending the Side Effects of Sugar

If you feel that you are eating too much sugar, whether in the form of refined or natural sugars – and you have decided to cut back with a sugar detox program, expect to experience some symptoms of withdrawal.  But it is something you can overcome.   Note that natural sugars can be just as devastating as refined sugars, so expect a withdrawal reaction from either one.

Sugar withdrawal symptoms can include headaches, sweats, chills, aches, pains and nausea.  It’ll be the worst in the first week but get easier after that.  It is going to be worth it, though because the side effects of sugar and sweets are so devastating – as explained in this video.

Many are following this journey – of discovering how bad sugar and sugar cravings are for their health (and weight) and then taking the steps needed to reduce sugar intake, improve their health and lose weight.

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Sugar Detox Side Effects

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