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The No More Sugar Monologue

In this entertaining video, aired 2/2/2010, Ellen Degeneres announced her intention to comply with a no sugar diet.  She did, indeed, stick to her word and began a sugar free diet, much like sugar detox programs available online, sharing her reaction to it, day by day, with her fans on TV.   It was a successful effort for her and is a good example for those who are doing the same thing.

Ellen decided, that to handle her needs for energy over the next few months, in which she would appear on American Idol as a judge, she needed to get rid of the sugar in her life.  This wasn’t because she was particularly addicted to sugar, but more because she had become to regard sugar as a toxin.  She warned in the video that others that would choose to go on a similar sugar detox program may experience a number of side effects including (as a partial list):  sweating, jitters, depression, boredom, lack of motivation, long naps, and crankiness.  She started on this program the day she aired the monologue and stuck to the diet.

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No More Sugar

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