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Why Working Outside is Healthy and Productive | Mark’s Daily Apple

We’ve discussed the “nature-deficit disorder” running rampant throughout contemporary society before. Kids are more likely to control characters in video games who explore vast outdoor worlds (and complain about the graphics “not being realistic enough”) rather than get out and explore the real world themselves (which has excellent graphics, a pretty snazzy physics engine, and killer AI). Adults are likely to go entire days without stopping to smell a flower, pluck a leaf, caress a blade of grass, or even see a shred of foliage.

This spoke directly to me.  I work online and, ride a bike for exercise, but still don’t get enough “outside” time.  My son has some land in West Texas and it is always enjoyable to spend time there – outside!  So based on what I”m reading here from the good Dr. Sisson, I’m going to change my ways and get outside more.

According to him,  without much exposure to nature, you run the risk of physical and mental problems.

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