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What’s Wrong with the Diet of Today?

Professor Loren Cordain

Why do so many people get obesity, diabetes and heart disease today? Perhaps the answer lies in evolution. But amazingly “modern” nutrition science pretty much ignores human evolution.

It’s been 153 years since Charles Darwin published his revolutionary book On the Origin of Species – but nutrition science hasn’t yet noticed. That’s why they’re stuck at a medieval level. That’s why dietitians usually are no help for people suffering from obesity or diabetes.

Professor Loren Cordain is perhaps the worlds number one expert on the evolution of the human diet. Here are a a few of his slides from the recent ASBP obesity conference. They tell us a lot:

Just a few hundred years ago most humans hardly ate any refined sugars. Now it’s a significant part of the American diet. That’s a huge problem, as dr Robert Lustig would tell you.

Loren Cordain knows it too:

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt suggests in this article that we hear from yet another expert, Professor Loren Cordain, why we have ignored or evolutionary past – and it’s impact on our health today.

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