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What’s In That 32oz Powerade Coke Pres. Buys Her Kid Post Exercise | Weighty Matters

Not sure if you saw this interview with Katie Bayne, the President and General Manager of Sparkling Beverages for Coca-Cola, but in it this Mom of 2 recounts how, "if my son has lacrosse practice for three hours, we go straight to McDonald’s and buy a 32-ounce Powerade."That intrigued me and so I visited my friendly neighborhood online nutrition database and I crunched some numbers for 32-ounce Mountain Blast Powerades (the kind sold by McDonald's).As you might imagine, there's a whole pile of sugar, a bit of salt, some vitamins and some food coloring.Thought I'd try my hand at creating a home made version...

I love this.  A Coca Cola exec says she feeds her son these Powerades and one of our diet advocates creates, in this video, a nutritionally equivalent home brew of the same thing.  The taste didn’t match but the nutritional horror did – and that’s the point to remember.

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