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TV Skeptic: “Weight of the Nation” is light on balance about obesity – LA Times

To me, there is an 800-pound gorilla looming in the background of"The Weight of the Nation,"the four-part documentary that began on Monday and concludes Tuesday on HBO. It's a menacing presence that may be hard to spot among so many 300-, 400- and 500-pound Americans on screen, but I know it's there because not so long ago I was obese.

The unseen presence, I believe, is the role that insulin plays in storing body fat. In my case, tackling that beast led to dramatic weight loss and greatly improved health and fitness.

Yes, Yes, Yes – I agree…   There is a mistaken idea that weight gain is based solely on a “calories in vs. calories out” view – that people who gain weight eat more calories of energy than they burn with activity – the implication being that obese people lack self-control and/or are lazy.  While the calories in vs. calories out concept is technically true, it is not a suitable nutritional foundation for developing weight loss approaches.  The concept that is suitable and actionable  is that carbs raise insulin levels, which accelerate fat storage, which causes overeating.  It’s that simple, at least from a 10,000 foot perspective.  Why isn’t HBO presenting this much more helpful viewpoint – at least as an alternative perspective?

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