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The Swedish Diet Revolution and the Resulting Hysteria |

Swedes are happily rejecting obsolete fat phobic advice. More and more Swedes just don’t fear real butter anymore. A good choice, as modern science clearly shows there’s simply no connection between saturated fat and heart disease.

There’s never a dull moment in the field of carbohydrate metabolism!  An article (plus others) appeared just now related to a Swedish long-term epidemiological study.  It claimed that, based on the study, all of us low carb high fat diet advocates should just throw in the towel and agree that this diet approach doesn’t work.  Of course, when you read the fine print, as Dr. Eenfeldt did in the report cited here, and Dr. Briffa did in another report, you find that any conclusions of this sort from the study are not true.  I read the original Swedish report and came to the same conclusion before finding out that Dr. Eenfeldt and Dr. Briffa had already published rebuttals.

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