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The Men Who Made Us Fat |

Who are the men who made us fat, and how did they do it? See this new and great BBC documentary to find out. It features many leading experts, including my favorites dr Robert Lustig and Gary Taubes.

This video is GREAT!  It is an enlightening view from the BBC of what has led to the obesity epidemic.   It concentrates on some of the key economic and scientific events that brought us to this point and is well worth your time.

An example of one of the factors is the low cost of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) compared to cane or beet sugar.  When HFCS was introduced in soda in the 1980′s it reduced the production cost of these beverages by 30%!  The next thing that happened was that, due to these higher profit margins, the soda manufacturers must have had the money (and the incentive) to increase their marketing budgets for these sodas.  They did that (increased the marketing) and guess what, we’re consuming much more soda now!

Another interesting and pivotal part of our history is the battle between Keys and Yudkin.  Don’t miss this either.  And there are several more, pivotal events described here.  It is chock full of the real events that made us fat.

Here is the video:

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