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The Heavy Price of Obesity in America: By the Numbers

The U.S. spends an extra $4 billion in gasoline every year to drive overweight passengers on the road.Photo: Courtesy ShutterstockSEE ALL 85 PHOTOS

The obesity rate in America is skyrocketing, and according to new statistics from the Campaign to End Obesity, along with increased health risks and health care costs for those struggling to control their weight comes a huge economic toll on the U.S. With hospitals widening bathroom stalls for severely overweight patients, and the Federal Transit Administration testing new steering and breaks on mass transit systems because of an increase in the number of heavyset riders, the estimated national cost of accommodating obese citizens is approaching $190 billion a year. Here's a look at some unexpected financial costs of obesity, by the numbers:

$190 billionEstimated economic cost of obesity in America, or twice the amount previously estimated, taking into account everything from "wider stadiums seats to sturdier, floor-mounted toilets," says CBS News. The calculations were published in the Journal of Health Economics.

From “The Week” Magazine, this article brings to life, in real numbers, the impact of obesity.   With the cost nearing $190 billion a year, it is a startling realization.  Add to that the amount of money the US spends to prop up sugar and corn agro-business and you end up asking “What are we thinking?”.  We pay to encourage obesity and then pay to repair (or at least attempt to repair) the damage caused by obesity.   You know that the businesses reaping profits on either side of this largesse aren’t going to complain.  So I guess it’s up to us in the low carb/paleo community to raise  a stink…

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