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The Skinny on Obesity Episode 7: Drugs, Cigarettes, Alcohol…and Sugar? | University of California Television

UCSF experts offer a frank indictment of the country's agricultural policy and food industry, which have made it nearly impossible to avoid sugar in our daily diet, and suggestions for possible remedies.

In the 7th video in the Skinny on Obesity series, Dr. Robert Lusting and associates ask us to put sugar into perspective with regard to its impact on us and on what we must do to limit its effect upon our society.  It isn’t just a food choice – it is both toxic and we abuse it just as we abuse drugs and alcohol.  Since it is in the same class as drugs and alcohol, why do we allow it to be served, at rock bottom prices, to anyone of any age who wants it.  This is a compelling argument and the video is worth your time.

He also asks us to realize that this isn’t a problem that manifests itself only with people who are overweight.  The medical cost of handling all the medical problems related to the excess consumption of sugar and carbs – for everyone, no matter their weight, is astounding.

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