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Should Doctors Stop Telling Patients to Lose Weight? | Dr. Sharmas Obesity Notes

This Month’s edition of Canadian Family Physician, the official journal of the College of Family Physiciansof Canada, features a debate on whether or not family doctors should stop telling their patients to lose weight.

This is an important conversation that I’ve personally had with relatives or friends who are physicians.  They’ve expressed to me the frustration with how to really help patients who  need to, for health reasons, lose weight.   They have little influence over the patient, since they will see that patient just a few times a year, if that, so why antagonize him/her on this sensitive subject if the patient is, in all likelihood going to ignore the physician’s advice anyway.   They watch these patients deteriorating over the years with dismay and a sense of helplessness.  Physicians are in a tight spot – they may be blamed for this if they do say something about losing weight or blamed also if they don’t.

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