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Is saturated fat good for you? | MSN

Is saturated fat good for you?April 03, 2012: Meet the woman challenging everything we thought we knew about healthy eating. Christine Cronau\'s slender family eats two kilos of butter every week and never trims the fat off their meat. So is this saturated fat stance really a revolutionary new approach to fighting

This is an Australian news video on a woman whose family has switched over to a diet  including plenty of butter.  Of course it is working quite well for her since it is a low carb high fat diet .  The interesting part to me is the opposing view, voiced by an apparently well-known expert, who is flabbergasted that someone would go against “thousands of clinical studies” that warn against saturated fats like butter!!  I’d like to see those thousands of clinical studies!   It’ll take us a few more years to get experts like that off the air!

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