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Recap Low Carb Cruise 2012 | Atkins Diet Geek Blog

I have talked about the Low Carb cruise in the past, and last week (May 6th-13th) the date finally arrived.  This was the first cruise for either Laura or I, and we had to drive 16-hours and 1000-miles to get to the departure port of Galveston, TX.  We were a little apprehensive about our minivan actually being ready after being in the shop for the week.  We decided to break the trip to Texas into 2 days since we didn’t want to push our luck, but all travel fears were unsubstantiated.  (Leaving a day early also enabled us to meet and eat with a pair of really cool Texans too.

This is Kent Altena’s report on the Low Carb cruise, an annual get-together of experts and advocates in the low carb and paleo community, which occurred last week.  Kent is one of my favorite advocates, as he brings us a steady flow of excellent low carb recipes.  He is also a sage advisor on the Atkins Diet, having lost, and kept off,  a good bit of weight a number of years ago.  He’s an inspiration!

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