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Pepsi and Competitors Scramble as Soda Sales Drop | NYTimes

In much the same way their ancestors on the prairie had to check their guns at the door of the saloon, the 320 students in the Faulkton Area School District in tiny Faulkton, S.D., will be required to dispose of all carbonated soda containers before stepping into school buildings.

The soda manufactures are starting to feel the pinch of the public’s realization of the impact of all that sugar in soda.  While this is reassuring to us in the low carb community we must look ahead to the political battles that will ensue over public food policy.  They have already been taken place and the food industry giants are flexing their muscles.  Take, as an example, the recent decision by Congress that pizza could be classified as a vegetable in school lunches!  What a joke!

The pizza “victory” was apparently due to huge amounts of lobbying money spent in support of the food industry.  As we make our way forward, we need to find a way to develop a win/win with these industries so that they won’t particularly suffer financially from improvements we will have to make in food policy to improve our health.  Otherwise this will be a very long and divisive fight.

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