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Obesity fight must shift from personal blame-U.S. panel | Reuters

(Reuters) - America's obesity epidemic is so deeply rooted that it will take dramatic and systemic measures - from overhauling farm policies and zoning laws to, possibly, introducing a soda tax - to fix it, the influential Institute of Medicine said on Tuesday.

In an ambitious 478-page report, the IOM refutes the idea that obesity is largely the result of a lack of willpower on the part of individuals. Instead, it embraces policy proposals that have met with stiff resistance from the food industry and lawmakers, arguing that multiple strategies will be needed to make the U.S. environment less "obesogenic."

In this opinion piece on the obesity plan suggested by the Institute of Medicine, Reuters makes a strong point in not laying blame for the obesity epidemic at the feet of the obese patients who are suffering from its ravages.  This relates, in part, to the “calories in vs. calories out” concept covered in a previous post, which implied that lack of self-control in eating habits and sloth were the cause of obesity.

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