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Not Getting Consistent, Adequate Sleep Is Still Really Bad For You | Atlantic

And now a team of researchers find that "social jet lag" may also be linked with higher obesity rates.

Most people know the feeling of dragging yourself out of bed in the morning and feeling wiped out periodically (or chronically) throughout the day. Many of us even have trouble falling asleep at night, as it seems harder and harder to put the cell phone down or turn off the computer.

Researchers have come up with a new term for our skewed sleep-wake cycles: Social jet lag.And it could be responsible for more health issues than just feeling tired from time to time.

My wife was out with some friends last night (all women) and they all complained of having trouble with getting to sleep at night.  I don’t think sleep issues are uncommon.  So perhaps this “social jet lag” idea may be something to consider.  If it impacts weight gain, there’s even more reason to take a look at this concept.

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