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New York City Soda Ban Would Outlaw Super-Sized Sugary Drinks –

NEW YORK CITY -- New Yorkers may be saying sayonara to that super-size soda.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is planning an outright ban on large, sugar-sweetened beverages in eateries across the city in his most sweeping assault on calories yet.

Mayor Bloomberg is taking sugar-based sodas head-on in New York City, planning to ban the sale of large sugared sodas in the city.   There are, of course, positives and negatives about this move.  The important issue though, is that people in power are beginning to really do something about sugar and its deadly impact on our population.  This deadly tide of obesity is only going to be thwarted if we START doing something.  Some moves may work, some may not, but it is in the process of doing something about it that we learn, over time the right combination of education and government action that will make a real difference.

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