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NBC report on obesity today – but what will tomorrow bring?

WASHINGTON — The obesity epidemic may be slowing, but don't take in those pants yet.

Even if a meal leaves you feeling full, somehow you find room for dessert. A new study may explain why we engage in such "pleasure eating," after we've obtained enough calories for our body's energy needs.

Today, just over a third of U.S. adults are obese. By 2030, 42 percent will be, says a forecast released Monday.

That's not nearly as many as experts had predicted before the once-rapid rises in obesity rates began leveling off. But the new forecast suggests even small continuing increases will add up.

"We still have a very serious problem," said obesity specialist Dr. William Dietz of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In this NBC News video released and aired today, NBC is coming out with some news on the obesity epidemic.  This is  interesting because CBS, ABC, and Fox aired stories on Dr. Lustig’s “sugar is toxic” concept while NBC remained silent (unless I missed something).    Most of us, of course, realize that sugar and carbs are the culprit.  We are just taking aim at sugar as our first target of opportunity.   Getting back to NBC – are we to assume that NBC doesn’t like the “sugar is bad” message, or does it have another concept of what the cause is for the obesity epidemic.

In this video, I thought I was going to hear an answer when they were talking about whether it was a calorie in vs. calorie out problem or whether certain foods, like carbs and sugar drove up our weight.  They then changed the subject and dropped that question.  Near the end of the video, they promised to reveal an answer, tomorrow, provided by the Institute of Medicine.  According to what I’ve found, this nonprofit institute is not part of the government but obtains most of its funds from government grants.  Since the government has long refused to budge from the low fat approach to weight loss, I am not confident I’ll hear good news from them tomorrow!

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