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Maple Leaf Foods Misses Expectations as Bread Sales Take a Beating

Paul Hetherington has been with the Baking Association of Canada for nearly 20 years and he has never seen people so turned off by bread...

While Atkins was a short-term fad, Mr. Hetherington, the president and chief executive of the association said the current adversity to bread is different because the grain-based staple is now plagued by several factors that are unlikely to go away anytime soon...

Also, recent dietary shifts due to a stigma associated with wheat products and an embracing of gluten-free diets by people who are not adverse to gluten have driven down bread volumes, Mr. Hetherington said.

According to Investing Magazine, Canadian bread sales have dropped, in part, because of the recent surge in gluten awareness.  There are other factors in the drop in sales, but like the shortage of butter in Sweden due to the Swedish upswing in low carb dieting, bread is now feeling the pinch from Canadians who have decided to stop eating wheat.

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