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Low Carb Living | Dr. Stephen Phinney

What do you need to know to successfully eat low carb for life?

Dr Stephen Phinney, MD, PhD, knows more about this than almost anybody. He has researched adaptation to very low carb diets (and exercise) for a long time. Here he shares this knowledge, as well as insights from traditional cultures who never ever ate a lot of carbs. Do you for example know what pemmican is?

Dr Phinney’s book: The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living (2011).

This is a gem!  Have you ever had questions, as I have, on how to stay ketogenic long term?  How easily can you take a break from a low carb diet and still get back into it?  Where does glycogen fit in?  What happens when you’ve lost your weight and then need to just maintain it?  Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt interviews Dr Stephen Phinney, MD, PhD, in this video, on these topics and more related to a long term life with a low carb diet.

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