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The Low Carb Diabetic: Dr Briffa Diabetics appear to be very interested in low-carb eating at DCUK !

Recently, I came across what looks like a whole better on-line resource for individuals with diabetes known as

This is called “Voice of the Patient” – what do the patients believe.  We call it bottoms-up design in engineering.  We are seeing it here with the Diabetics participating in Dr. Briffa’s forums.  They clearly prefer to discuss low carb!  So when you need a vote of confidence in low carb see what these guys (the guys in the trenches) are saying and compare that to what you hear from the experts and authorities in this field.

As an introduction to Dr. John Briffa, who is apparently quite a popular character,  this photo was published by Dr. Andreas Eenfedlt after the Low Carb cruise.  Dr. Eenfeldt is the tall one on the right (well over 6 foot tall) and Dr. Briffa is on the left.    It looks like they had a good time on the cruise!  Dr. Briffa’s website is

Found – My Long Lost Twin! – from

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