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Is When You Eat as Important as What You Eat? | Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes

Recently, a number of studies have looked at the impact of sleep deprivation, disruption of the sleep-wake cycle, and shifts in circadian rhythm on feeding behaviour and propensity to gain weight (facit: they are all bad!).

You’ve heard this before and the message is still being heard – sleep is very important for health and weight loss.  In this piece by Dr. Sharma, he goes into the different kinds of sleep issues that can trip you up.

Both my wife and I are semi-retired now.  We’re actually working harder and longer than we did before, but it is work we really enjoy.  We are getting more sleep each night, and we are more successful now at losing weight than we have ever been.  It could be something else, but PERHAPS sleep is part of the weight loss secret.

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