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I’m still pissed PART IV | Glenn Pendlay

Yeah, I’m still pissed off. But I am not gonna rant about it anymore. What can we do to solve this situation?I have already said I can’t change US farm policy, and I have already said I am glad we live in a free society and don’t want to interfere with the freedom to choose that we all enjoy. And you sure as hell wont find me protesting carrying a sign outside McDonalds or 7-11 or anywhere else.

So really the only thing left to do is either bitch about it,or change the way that you and your family eat.

This is a useful look at a common-sense way to attack a low carb diet - worth a read.  It is part 4 of  a rant from Glenn Pendlay about the government and business mess that has brought us to this point of more and more people becoming obese.  At some point I may publish the other parts – just wanted you to see this now.  I also just couldn’t pass up this enticing image of breakfast!

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