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I lost weight and my cholesterol . . . went up! | Wheat Belly Blog

This is a fairly common observation around these parts: “I eliminated wheat from my diet and have limited my consumption of junk carbohydrates like corn and sugars. I lost 38 pounds over three months and I feel great. I initially lost weight rapidly, but have more recently slowed to about 1-2 pounds per week. But my doctor checked some lab values and he flipped! He said that my HDL dropped, my triglycerides went up, and my blood sugar went up 20 points! He wants me to take a statin drug and metformin for my high blood sugar. What gives?”

Easy: You are losing weight. Let me explain...

I’ve heard of this before – someone losing weight with a low carb diet and then receiving blood test results with unexpected results. When I first lost my weight with a low carb diet, everything got better except for my LDL, which went up. So these answers from Dr. Davis from one of his readers may interest you.

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