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High-fat diet lowered blood sugar and improved blood lipids in diabetics| Linköping University Clinical Study

People with Type 2 diabetes are usually advised to keep a low-fat diet. Now, a study at Linkping University shows that food with a lot of fat and few carbohydrates could have a better effect on blood sugar levels and blood lipids.

In this Swedish clinical trial diabetics were randomly assigned to low carb and low fat diets.  They found that, even though both groups lost an equivalent amount of weight, the low carb dieters experienced improvements in their blood sugar and lipid status. Stay tuned for reviews from the authorities on what this means for diabetics.

Before insulin and other medications which directly aid in insulin level control were commonly administered, diabetics were routinely placed on low carb diets to control the disease. This study result isn’t, therefore, much of a surprise, but it is hoped that the study itself will make it a bit harder for authorities to, as they have in the past, recommend a low fat diet for diabetics!

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt reviewed the results from this trial and reported that it is a high quality study.

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