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HBO: The Weight of the Nation Films Part 4: Challenges

Obesity is a very serious medical condition, no longer viewed as strictly an issue of cosmetics. It's a contributing factor in the death and disability of too many of our neighbors, friends and family members, and its societal costs are astronomical. Although overall obesity prevalence rates appear to be leveling off, there are still far too many Americans who are overweight or obese - approximately one-third of adults are obese and another third are overweight.

The challenges we face in dealing with obesity are immense and, as chronicled quite well in this film, multi-dimensional.  It is something we can do something about though, if Americans recognize what we are facing and take action.  This film is therefore well worth your time so you can play your part in driving change.  The food and advertising industries are not going to change unless we force them.  The government needs change – it is too closely tied to the industries that make money on the misery of obesity.  I was disappointed to see that the “dietary fat is bad” message, which the government has been pushing erroneously for decades, is still seen in the film.  It was noticeably downplayed, however, relative to what I was expecting to see.

You can view the film online here, or below.

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