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Going Low-Carb too Fast May Trigger Thyroid Troubles and Hormone Imbalance |

If you've been turned on to the low-carb Paleo diet craze, you may have noticed increased energy, better digestion and happier mood, and a shrinking waist line. Good for you. But some folks who've taken the Primal leap--particularly those who were previously on a high-carb diet--have been faced with unexpected side effects waving them back to the world of bread, sugary fruits and sweet potato casserole.

I’ve heard of this problem from friends in the low carb and paleo community.  Go too fast and too quickly on your low carb ride and you may have some unusual problems.  There are a number of folks offering advice on how to mitigate the depth of your low carb journey to avoid the problems discussed here.  One of the bloggers I communicate with regularly is always pushing the value of potatoes in the low carb diet, largely, if I understand him correctly, to provide some moderation in the carb levels.

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