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Is Going Grain Free Healthy? | Mark’s Daily Apple

As I’m sure you’ve seen, eyes raise and questions arise when you order a burger wrapped in lettuce or discard a “wrap” and eat the contents. And then, when you answer with ”Oh, I don’t eat grains,” minds boggle and mouths gape as they stumble to grasp the notion of someone who doesn’t eat bread or pasta. Eventually, though, they fire off responses, challenges, questions, and proclamations. This isn’t right, this isn’t possible, this doesn’t agree with their idea of how people should eat. It just isn’t normal. You’re not normal, and you should be ashamed of yourself for introducing a new paradigm. But not all are personally offended by your decision. Some are honestly curious and flabbergasted. Some just want to know why someone would give up grains and how they get along without them.

Mark Sasson hit the nail on the head with this one.  When you really think about giving up wheat, you first run into some road blocks about how you’re actually going to do it, what are you going to say to your friends, and how you will answer questions that will undoubtedly come.   He covers all that here…

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