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Food Fight: How the food industry outsmarted Washington – Reuters

When First Lady Michelle Obama made child obesity her signature issue, she challenged the food industry to reduce added sugar, salt and fat. The White House sought healthier school lunches, and Congress directed federal agencies to set nutrition standards. Here's how the food industry fought back. (April 27, 2012)

The food industry is a powerful force, and is not on our side in the battle over obesity.  If you ignore the moral issues (which some have obviously done), why would the food industries, who provide all these empty calories, want to see an end to this gravy train of profits heading their way as Americans continue to overeat.  This video is on what these powerful food lobbies have been doing to thwart Washington’s efforts to make positive changes to help us gain some control over our expanding waistlines.

Another insidious action, pushed by those who want to maintain the status quo, is to push the “calories in vs. calories out” view of metabolism.  This is also called “energy balance”, and what this idea does for them, is to assign the  fault for all this overeating and therefore obesity to the very people who are suffering from obesity.  This concept is that a person gains weight primarily because he/she eats more in calories of energy than he/she expends in calories of energy by exercise and daily activities.  The implication therefore is that an overweight person has a lack of willpower to control how much food is eaten and/or is lazy and fails to get enough exercise.   This explanation makes it convenient for the food industries.  They can continue to crank out cookies, candies, and sugared sodas without a care, since the people eating them and drinking them are the problem.

The calories in vs. calories out concept is fundamentally true, but, as Paul Harvey used to say, there is more to the story!   Sugars, refined carbohydrates, and carbohydrates in general are the real culprit.  Restrict carbohydrates (replacing them with equivalent and reasonable calorie counts of vegetables, fat, fiber, and protein) and this obesity epidemic goes away.   In other words, people are overeating and not getting enough exercise, but the reason they are doing this is that carbohydrates are such a dominant component of our dietary environment.  See the Newsweek Article by Gary Taubes for the explanation.

Take your own poll as you hear or see pundits discuss this.  If they say, “calories in vs. calories out”, they are really trying to pin the blame for this epidemic on the people who are suffering from obesity.

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