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The Roasted Are Posted | Fat Head

Okay, I finished putting together the roast from the pre-cruise dinner.  As I explained before, the camera I hooked up to capture the audio from my wireless lapel microphone didn’t record, so all I had was lousy audio from my other camera in the back of the room.  Jimmy Moore (bless him) recorded the whole thing from the front of the room, closer to the big speakers, so the room echo on his iPhone movie wasn’t as bad.  He stripped off the audio and sent it to me, then I synched it up with my video.

I’m still kicking myself for not going on the Low Carb Cruise, so the least I can do is absorb what I can from the posts coming out on it.  This one can’t be missed – from Tom Naughton on his “roast” of the speakers for the cruise that was held the night before the ship sailed.  As usual Tom, has a remarkably humorous way of introducing these men and women.

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