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Fat Causes Diabetes? – Junk Science in All It’s Splendor

Let's spend some time to talk about a video that popped up in my stream a few days ago.

Prepare for the facepalm.

So apparently, blood sugar builds up when you eat fat.

How is this logical?

How is this even correct in the slightest?

If you are familiar with carbohydrate metabolism (how  your body actually absorbs the carbs and fat you eat), you’ll get a charge out of this video.   The part at the end where the speaker explains how fat raises insulin levels is total junk science and as a result, hilarious.  I think Tom Naughton, of the Fat Head Movie Blog, would react with his famous “Head. Bang. On. Desk.”!!

Many thanks to Joshua Tenner, a raw food paleo blogger for this interesting article.

We run into these “apologists” for the low fat diet every now and then.  Back in the 1970s some political players decided that the fat we are eating is causing heart ailments, Diabetes, etc.  The government has been blindly following this idiocy since then – and even now.  Scientific evidence has since proven this all wrong, but you’ll still see poor guys like this who try and explain why fat is bad.   Not a good move if you care about your reputation!!

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