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Egg beaters: The stupidest product in the world? |

Only in America. How about a REAL EGG PRODUCT to lower your cholesterol?

Let’s find out how “real” this is.

Let’s compare the ingredients to a real egg. A real egg, as you know, has no other ingredients. This REAL EGG PRODUCT is something else...


Dr. Eenfeldt posted this almost a year ago, but it is well worth bringing up today.  We forget how much nutrition is in an egg, and with being able to buy free range eggs these days, there’s absolutely no issue with using eggs as a mainstay in a low carb or paleo diet.   My son is in West Texas (Marfa) and raises chickens for his own family.   He says everyone should have them:  ”You feed them table scraps and they give you these golden protein nuggets, everyday!”  He and his wife are vegans and grow most of what they eat, but supplement their diet with eggs for their nutritional value.  As you can imagine, he and I have some interesting discussions on diet!

There is one reason for using Egg Beaters though, that we needn’t forget.  Salmonella poisoning is still a possibility with eggs that are eaten raw, such as for eggnog or ice cream.  For these purposes, which occur very rarely for me now, I use Egg Beaters to make sure I’m not poisoning my guests!!

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