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“The Diet Debacle” by Robert H. Lustig | Project Syndicate

SAN FRANCISCO – Two seemingly benign nutritional maxims are at the root of all dietary evil: A calorie is a calorie, and You are what you eat.Both ideas are now so entrenched in public consciousness that they have become virtually unassailable. As a result, the food industry, aided and abetted by ostensibly well-meaning scientists and politicians, has afflicted humankind with the plague of chronic metabolic disease, which threatens to bankrupt health care worldwide.

Dr. Robert Lustig, of “Sugar is Toxic” fame has put together some very useful ideas on our diet in this piece.  He also asserted, however, that part of our problem with the rising tide of obesity is that our current “typical” meal combines carbs with fat.  At first blush this seemed plausible, but when he pushed this idea further, suggesting that a primarily carb (no fat) diet would be OK, he lost me.  Here is what Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt said about this.

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