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In Defense of Fat – The Documentary |

This looks really interesting. A new documentary called “In Defense of Fat - Rethinking the Bad Science Eating at America’s Health” is just starting pre-production. The plan is to - among other things - interview a number of people including Mark Sisson, dr Robert Lustig… and me. This movie could possibly make a significant difference.

Dr. Eenfeldt has given his support, in time and money, to this project to develop a documentary on why dietary fat is good for us. This is contrary to what the government has been shoving down our throats for decades. Believe me, we aren’t going to make it out of the obesity epidemic unless we get this straight. I’ve also donated to this project at the $50 level.

To give you an idea of why this is so important, the HBO films on obesity, which have been aired over the past two evenings have, overall, been quite good. I was disturbed, however, to catch little mentions here and there in the films – that we need to eat healthy with (along with other suggestions) low levels of fat in the diet.   All this effort HBO is saying we are going to have to expend to get out of this mess will be for naught if we end up with a low fat diet!!

HBO was apparently heavily influenced by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), which, though supposedly independent, is nevertheless funded primarily by government grants. The IOM may claim independence, but you can imagine what would happen to those grants if the IOM didn’t whistle the same tune as Washington does.

Here’s the website where you can find out about this. The video and contribution counter are below…

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