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Former Coke executive slams ‘share of stomach’ marketing campaign | The Washington Post

Astrid Riecken/For The Washington Post - Todd Putman once led marketing at Coca-Cola. He now regrets his work and says it contributed to the nation's obesity problem.

A former top marketing executive for Coca-Cola revealed the part that Coca-Cola has played in the obesity epidemic this week.  Addressing the National Soda Summit in Washington, DC.  he summarized that Coca Cola’s actions with powerful marketing campaigns were to see how many ounces of their products they could drive into the bodies of their customers.  It is refreshing to see that the actions of these large, powerful food industry companies are being scrutinized – and questioned.

He made the point that perhaps, if we work together, the powerful marketing campaigns of companies like Coca Cola can be directed toward delivering healthy food choices to the public.  I’m reminded of the seriously broken business model of several large food manufactures who spend most of their marketing budgets on foods with high carb or sugar content – because they have the highest profit margins.

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