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Bray, et al. Shows that a Calorie is Not a Calorie and that Dietary Carbohydrate Controls Fat Storage

In the way of background, the [Bray et al] study was one of several recent attempts to show that only calories count in diet experiments.

This is an interesting skirmish on the “calories in vs. calories out” topic with respect to obesity. Some nutritional authorities and food industry supporters would like to prove that the “calories in vs. calories out” concept is the basis for weight gain and the obesity epidemic. For background on that see the last post on Food Fight.    So, researchers like Dr. Bray (pictured on the right) have apparently been trying to prove it.

In this article, Dr. Richard Feinman (pictured on the right) wrote about how he examined a recent research finding by Dr. Bray that “calories are calories” and that the only factor to be concerned about in weight gain is the total calorie count. What Dr. Feinman found, from the data provided by Dr. Bray’s own study, was that either an increase in calories or an increase in carbohydrates can cause weight gain (from fat accumulation).   Dr. Bray seems to have somehow missed this!

Carbohydrates are the culprit -and we know it.   The story behind the story is that government money and food industry money seems to only be funding research that will find a culprit for obesity (anything will do) that isn’t a carbohydrate!

Dr. Feinman’s concerns about the Bray results have been ignored.  You’ll notice in later posts that Dr. Bray’s study is (sigh) being used as proof of the “calories in vs. calories out” concept – more misinformation for a public that needs to know the truth.

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