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Bacon Lettuce Roll-ups

Awesome!Sounds fabulous and very creative.Your guys are very blessed to have you taking care of them so nicely.

Sounds very yummy...oven baked bacon...what temp and for about how long...and doesn't it splatter all over in the oven? I love bacon but usually use the microwave covering with a paper towel...but I'd love to try the oven method. thanks!

I bake mine on a rimmed cookie sheet, starting with a cold oven set to 400. How long depends on the thickness of the bacon. Just watch it. I don't have trouble with splattering because the heat comes up slowly. It doesn't get all curly either.

I’ve done this myself, in a hurry to come up with something healthy quickly – and it was delicious.  A great choice for a meal or a snack on a low carb or paleo diet.

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