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Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder | Robb Wolf – Paleo Testimonial

Our second daughter, Charlotte, was born a week early with no complications. Her first few days and weeks were non-eventful as she nursed well and slept fine. At about 3 weeks old, confusion and disillusionment set into our world. I was certain we were the only family in the universe dealing with a newborn who wouldn’t sleep.

Many thanks to Serge Gregoire for passing on this Robb Wolf article about Charlotte.   Her story, as related to us in this piece, is excellent advice for us in finding a solution for health problems for ourselves and our children.   It emphasizes the value of the  N=1 concept, the idea that we are unique as individuals, and that sometimes, we just have to watch our symptoms and reactions to find a unique solution that will meet our own needs. It is also a testament to the Paleo lifestyle.

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