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Aren’t You Going To Respond To The Negative Attacks Against You?

Now that I’m beginning my eighth consecutive year of low-carb blogging, I wanted to address an important and often contentious issue that perhaps many of you my readers have no idea is happening. It’s not usually anything you see out in the open if you’re just a casual online reader who is simply trying to stay on top of what’s happening with the latest diet, fitness and nutritional health information on the Internet hopping around from blog to blog. But for those of us who are deep in the trenches and put ourselves out there on a daily basis for the world to see and interact with us, there’s much more going on behind-the-scenes than you may even realize. Some people have caught on to it and have been writing me e-mails with increasing frequency basically asking me this simple question: “Aren’t you going to respond to the negative attacks against you?”

Jimmy Moore of the Livin’ LaVida Low Carb blog is one of the most giving and hard-working people I’ve met online.  He has been personally very helpful to me in helping me get started as a Low Carb blogger.  So I was surprised at the unwarranted negative attacks that have been addressed toward him.  I think a lot of the ire has to do with jealousy.    He is making a living online in this community so perhaps some people have assumed he must be somehow breaking ranks with the faithful.

These complaints about him are bogus.  I know for a fact, that he has to be working an unbelievable number of hours a week to do what he does, even with help.  I know for a fact that he uses his websites to freely assist and encourage new bloggers in this community.  He is a giving, magnanimous person, so lend him your support if you can.

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