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All diet customers are losing is their dignity

It's hard not to laugh at Jenny Craig's latest attempt to convince us to buy its products.

In the past week, as foreshadowed in the Sydney Morning Herald's PS column last month, the weight loss giant has launched an advertising campaign featuring Dame Edna.

But on this occasion it's not the comic genius of Barry Humphries that is so hilarious. The joke is on Jenny.

This article link is courtesy of Lynda at the A Change of Life Blog.   We are both in agreement on the poor real results with mainline diet programs.  Don’t get me wrong – these programs can really help you lose weight, in general, (some don’t).  The problem is “what happens when you lose the weight”.  My wife has had very good results with Jenny Craig, but she keeps on having to go back.  It doesn’t lend itself to helping one lead a healthy slim life without Jenny!

Note that Lynda is from New Zealand, so the Jenny Craig Dame Edna campaign may just be there, and possibly Australia.  I haven’t seen it yet here in the U.S. This is an interview with Barry Humphries on Dame Edna’s new spokeswoman role with Jenny Craig. I’ll let you figure out who he is, if you don’t know already!!

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