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Gary Taubes on The Low Carb Weight Loss Solution

It’s difficult to control my enthusiasm for the effectiveness of the Low Carb diet.  Every day more people are using it and more are reporting back on its value in reducing weight and improving health in a number of ways.  On top of that it is relatively easy to follow. Follow the Right Steps, that's All!!   By reading this Review of the Diet Solution Program.

In a nutshell, the low carb diet removes carbs and sugar from your diet. Carbs tend to make you gain weight and sugar does the same thing plus cause a number of other problems.


Keep an Open Mind

A lot of what we’ve heard over the past decades about weight loss has been flat wrong.   Our health authorities have been telling us what they believed is the best way to lose weight and improve our health.  They’ve been wrong on several issues.  As the Gary Taubes concepts on what sugar is doing to us gains momentum, a paradigm shift in the field of weight loss will hopefully unfold.

I’d like for you to read the article yourself so I’m not going to dumb it down so much you won’t read it.  What I’ll do instead is alarm you with a simple question and answer exercise.

Question:  What would be the characteristics of the worst possible food we could eat?

View the Video below for the answers, which are repeated here:

Answer:  The characteristics would be something like this:

1.       It would eventually cause us bodily harm, but not so quickly that we’d know it was the cause.

2.       It would taste very good, so we’d be inclined to eat it.

3.       It would be addictive, so that once exposed to it; we would be drawn back to it, even if we knew it was bad for us.

4.       We would feel good directly after eating it.

5.       We would feel tired and ravenously hungry a couple of hours after eating it, so as to be drawn back into eating more.

6.       It would quietly and gradually make us fatter, which would expose us to risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

7.       It would, for some of us, lead to an irreversible condition which accelerates the rate we gain weight and our risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

And what is that food? You weren’t born yesterday, so you already know that sugar (also high glycemic carbohydrates) is the food described here.  The irreversible condition mentioned in question 7 is the Metabolic Syndrome, often associated with belly fat.

This is probably not surprising to you.  I can remember my mother telling me as a child not to eat much of certain sweets because they were “fattening”.    Sugar has been a “bad actor” for a long time – and everybody knows that.

An article that appeared recently in the New York Times, April 13, 2011, by Gary Taubes, an acclaimed scientific author.  It is titled, Is Sugar Toxic?, and pulls together all the issues we’ve known or suspected about the negative influence of sugar, sugar cravings, and high glycemic carbohydrates on our lives into a compelling “call to action”.  For the first time, for me at least, it firmly and completely explained why the types and large quantities of carbohydrates in the current American diet are killing us.  It is the cause of our continuing obesity epidemic and the reason we continue to gain weight as a whole even though we struggle mightily to lose weight.   Our weight loss struggles have even led to, in some cases, losing control over the use of medications taken to help with weight control, requiring that some patients contact the best rehab centers to resolve their drug abuse problems.

His “call to action” is simple – do whatever makes sense for each of us individually to reduce the relative amount of carbohydrates (especially certain ones) we consume, to lose weight and improve our health.  He suggests we eat less carbohydrates than most of us eat now, substituting protein, fat, and low glycemic vegetables and fruits for the carbs.  We don’t need to starve ourselves if we are on diets that work.  We should eat when we’re hungry.   We also don’t need to exercise unless we choose to for other reasons.  This is a reasonable way for most of us to finally, and in a healthy way lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

His article is around 15 pages long but I strongly encourage you to read it.  I have followed this topic for some time and after background investigation of his arguments I find his conclusions highly credible.  Other authorities are joining him in declaring that low carb diets are the best (Consumer Reports: “It’s OK to Go Low-Carb”) and (Low Carb Wins the Diet War – ABC, CBS, CNN).

What he offers is a convincing explanationof the biological interactions between foods, hormones, and bodily organs that have lead to the current situation many of us find ourselves in.  We need to lose some weight to be healthier, have tried and failed many times, and just need a good solid solution on what to do about it.

Dr. Andrew Weil endorses Gary Taubes in the following video.  This was recorded after he wrote his first book on this issue, Good Calories Bad Calories.

The problem is that we have lost our way. Pioneers such as Dr. Atkins who have developed successful diets focused on keeping sugar out of our diets (high protein / low carbohydrate diets) have been dismissed by some as quacks, even though their patients are seeing excellent results in terms of weight loss and improved cardiac health.  We’ve been encouraged to use low fat diets, which don’t work.  Our stores are filled with low fat (but relatively high calorie) foods.  There have been too many false leads on what to do to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.  We’re lucky that Gary Taubes has now defined and defended a solid answer – which is, by the way, backed up by a Stanford University Study that studied a low carb weight loss diet (Atkins) to 3 other popular low fat and higher carb diets. Gary Taubes is challenging some well-known scientistsand doctors who have, for decades, given us the wrong advice on this issue by favoring low fat diet, exercise, etc. for weight loss and management.   Even as more and more information comes forward on how badly we are suffering due to the concentration of carbohydrates in the American diet, these public figures refuse to shift their views.  I hope that you will learn more about this yourself and join us, the low card enthusiasts, in building up a groundswell of change.

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