With Low Carb Diet How Much Weight Loss to Expect, How Much Can I Lose

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I’m Going Low Carb – How Much Weight Loss Can I Expect?

So you’re thinking about trying a low carb diet plan – or the Atkins diet. You’ve looked it over, read into the nutritional guidelines, and decided that you want to go through with it. Your only question now is: How much weight loss can I expect in one month (or two weeks depending how patient you are)?   Well, there are a number of factors to consider with weight loss using the low carb approach.  In this video, Kent Altera does a very good job in explaining just how the weight loss works, and what to expect.

So if you’re starting the Atkins diet, you probably want to know how much weight loss can be expected during Induction. Unfortunately, losing weight, even on low carbs, isn’t an instant process.  Atkins is generally considered to be faster than other diets, but it still takes time. For most people, they find that they move 5-10% closer to their weight loss goal during Induction.  At that point, they must decide if they’re seriously ready to pursue the diet, and whether or not they’re willing to learn all that is required during the Atkins diet, in order to lose the remaining weight to meet their goal weight loss.  You’d also have a better chance if you pursue exercise, and of course this is where some people may go astray.

In order to estimate how much weight will be lost, you need to estimate just how motivated you are in losing weight, and sticking to a diet that may demand certain sacrifices from you. If you’re able to do that, then you will lose weight. Your weight loss is based on your motivation, and how willing you are to lose weight. If you’re truly motivated, you’ll be surprised at just how much weight will be lost during the diet.

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This video provided courtesy of Kent Altera,  a respected Atkins dieter and cooking expert.  Visit his Atkins Geek Website!

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