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A Low Carb Cereal Treat – Using Raw Cinnamon

Cereals are one of those great energy-boosting foods for breakfast. It keeps us on the run and makes our energy last throughout the day. But as we know, not all cereals are in fact healthy for breakfast or suitable for a low carb diet plan. Some are just too sweet for our taste buds, and some just feel too fattening. In this video, Nicole Fayta, a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Natural Health Expert, teaches us how to prepare an all-nutritious, sugar-free, low-carbohydrate cereal meal, the Raw Cinnamon Cereal. It is not just for the avid low carb breakfast fans out there, but it’s also good for people with diabetes.

For this breakfast cereal, the following ingredients are to be prepared:

-          2 young coconuts

-          ¾ cup of chia seeds

-          ½ cup of sesame seeds

-          1 cup of hemp seeds

-          2 teaspoons of maca

-          ¼ cup of cinnamon

-          1 cup of pecans, soaked in water for about 4 hours

-          1 cup of walnuts, soaked in water for about 4 hours

-          1/3 cup of coconut oil

-          3 packets of stevia

-          1 teaspoon of salt

-          1/3 cup of warm water


Scoop all the flesh that you can find in the coconut and rinse off for any remnants off the back of the husk. Put all the nuts and seeds in the food processor to chop these up. Then place all the coconut flesh into the food processor and add in the other ingredients (maca, cinnamon, salt, stevia, warm water, and coconut oil).  Blend everything together adding water if necessary. You can also add more water. Just make sure though that it is completely pureed. Afterwards, mix the coconut-cinnamon mixture with the nuts and seeds and then stir completely until it is all mixed up and well incorporated. Once it is mixed thoroughly, get about half of the mixture and place it on a dehydrator tray lined with a Teflex sheet. Spread out the mixture evenly on the sheet. Put the tray on the dehydrator and set for about 115 degrees. Let it dehydrate overnight. After it is thoroughly dried, you can crumble it up and put it in a bowl or you could easily store this in the fridge.

There it is – a low carb cereal treat for you and your family!

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