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Great Ideas for Low Calorie Popcorn…

Betty (from Betty’s Kitchen) demonstrates in the video below the recipes for popcorn that you can use for a low calorie snack.  She covers 3 recipes: Cinnamon , Garlic-Herb, and Cheese.  These are great for snacking, for company, and any occasion.  This is guilt-free stuff, as it is very low in calories – and a lot better than a sugary snack!

Recipes for one bowl of popcorn:

Start with 1 serving bowl of popped corn, and remove the unpopped kernels.  It’s best to use microwave popcorn, as you can control the calories better with it.   Microwave popcorn that is as low as 15 calories a cup (popped) is available.  Use, if you like, butter-flavored or oil spray  that is low in transfats and fat.   Betty uses Parkay spray.

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Popcorn Recipe:
brown sugar – ½ cup

Garlic-Herb Popcorn Recipe:
garlic herb  or Italian seasoning blend

Cheese Popcorn Recipe:
cheese sprinkles (flavored)

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