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Gymnema Sylvestre – An Herb for Sugar Cravings

If you’re trying to lose weight, then you know the bane of all weight loss programs: Craving Sugar. When a person gets a craving, it’s not because you want to taste the food that you’re craving. It’s your body telling you that it needs energy, and it needs it fast. For this reason, people who look tired or lack energy will more likely than not go for a candy bar or a cup of coffee in order to find energy. Why do they turn to sweets, and why do they get cravings in the first place? Dr. John Douillard takes the time to explain that it’s not you, it’s your body. His answer as a possible solution for these cravings is an herb called Gymnema Sylvestre.

Of course, to understand how this herbal chemical works, you’ll need to understand why the body needs energy from candies and such. Cravings occur when you’re “out of gas”, and it’s all due to your body’s low sugar levels, and its inability to remain stable enough during the day to keep enough blood sugar “in the tank” during the day to keep your going.  With Gymnema Sylvestre, you’d be able to reset your blood sugar level, and have your body burning fat in no time.

This is, of course,  a  food supplement and its effectiveness varies from person to person.   Consult your health care professional for help with its use.

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