Leptin, Statins and Diabetes, and A Wheat Farmer’s Perspective

With this first Bloggers Digest post, I’m starting a series of digest posts that will direct you to some of the excellent material that is appearing daily in the Low Carb, Paleo Diet, and Sugar Addiction communities.  This will be an experiment for me, so let me know what you like or don’t like about these!

In the first digest we have Dr. Eades on Statins and Diabetes, Jimmy Moore and Dr. Rosedale on Leptin, and Dr. Davis on, not surprisingly, wheat.

  • Dr. Eades put together a great video on the recent clinical data results indicating an increased risk for women on statin drugs to become diabetic.  He recorded a video commentary of the study results by Dr. JoAnn Manson, Professor of Medicine and Harvard Medical School and added, as her commentary progressed, his own comments.  It was amusing to see his reaction to these findings.  When it comes to Statins, he isn’t drinking the Kool-Aid!  You”ll have to see the video (below) to find out what a Statinator is!  Statins and Diabetes

  • Jimmy Moore interviewed Dr. Ron Rosedale on the important topic of the hormone, Leptin.  This was episode 2 of Jimmy’s new “Ask the Low Carb Experts” series of podcasts.  This was a very informative talk, as Dr. Rosedale goes over how important Leptin is to not only weight control but our health and longevity.  He put to rest a number of questions I had about Leptin, in particular how it works with insulin in a low carb diet.  Dr. Rosedale also discussed the importance of dietary fat.  To paraphrase a key point:  Your health, well being, and longevity are more dependent than anything else on how much more fat you eat than sugar during your entire life.  This is well worth your time:  All Things Leptin (Leptin 101)
  • Dr. Davis, author of Wheat Belly, posted an interesting comment on wheat from a wheat farmer, who has sworn off wheat himself and lost 30 pounds.  The farmer reported on the typical use of Roundup (a commonly used herbicide) with wheat and how this should be an alarming factor in and of itself (not to mention all that Dr. Davis has reported on wheat).  This is yet one more frightening concern about wheat:  A wheat farmer weighs in on Wheat Belly

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