Craving Starch, Craving Starchy Foods, Starch Cravings

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Craving Starch, Starchy Foods and Sweets

Whether you are on a diet or not, you may experience mild or intense Craving for Starch or starchy foods and cravings for sweets.   Even though, emotionally, you will be feeling like chowing down on more starchy foods or sweets, you will need to rise above that emotional response and instead, reach for the right kind of wholesome, dense foods to satisfy the cravings.  This is why…

We are Craving Starch because it is Relatively New to Us

Your body burns (metabolizes) calories to give you energy, and it does this best by metabolizing calories slowly over the day.  Starch, carbohydrates, and sweets are actually a relatively new food for human beings.  We’ve only been exposed to them in the last 5% of our time on earth, so our bodies aren’t really accustomed to them.  Instead, over 95% of our time on earth, we ate meat and as much fat as we could get!  These, newly introduced, carbohydrates pack more calories and are metabolized much more quickly than we are used to.  When we metabolize calories from these foods, we do that very very quickly, so a candy bar, for instance, has more calories than we can burn up quickly, so we use some for energy, store the rest as fat, and then end up hungry again – very quickly.  When this happens our brain, unfortunately, just remembers the last thing it got energy from (the candy bar) and tells you, with cravings, to go get another to get you more energy.  THAT’S THE PROBLEM.  Instead of reaching for a candy bar for energy, you need to reach for more slowly digested foods with as few carbohydrates as possible and more protein, fat, fiber, and vegetables, etc.

The following video illustrates a good way to think of this with an analogy based on money – and may help you with this concept.

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Craving Starch

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