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Craving Protein is Often a Mystery

If a person is craving protein, it could be just a personal preference for protein or, in most cases it is based on some imbalance, often still related to an individual’s own unique characteristics.   A good example of this is the metabolic type characterization used in the one of the best online diets: The Breakthrough Secret to Long Term Weight Loss - see the details in this Review of the Diet Solution Program.



Craving protein could be based on one of the following situations, among others.  Some are actually symptoms of other issues.

  1. A dietary restriction is in place, as when a Doctor has prescribed a low protein diet to assist with recovering from kidney or liver disease.
  2. People with a Type 3 (Mesomorph) body type may have a tendency to eat more protein in order to support their upper body muscular development.
  3. Protein is actually much more expensive than carbohydrates, so money in the budget for protein could be an issue.
  4. Craving protein can actually be a symptom of low blood sugar, which for most people results in a craving for sweets, but for some becomes a craving for protein.
  5. Too little iron in the diet can produce a symptom of craving protein.

Craving Protein is Not the Same as Craving Sugar

Whatever the reason, the craving can be just as strong as craving sugar, so it may have to be dealt with.  Use mental techniques like you would any other kind of addictive behavior.  In addition, the following tips may be of help:

  • Be careful not to overdo it and eat too little protein.  Unlike sugar, you can do damage to yourself by eliminating protein altogether from your diet.  Eating too little protein is unhealthy.
  • Include enough calories in your diet to be physically satisfied (not hungry).   If the amount of calories in your diet is too small, your body may begin burning some of your protein for energy, possibly injuring muscle and/or organ tissue.   If you are purposefully reducing your calorie intake to lose weight, you have to offset that by increasing the amount of protein you eat (with your Doctor’s permission of course if you are following a prescribed diet plan).
  • Get professional help.  A renal dietitian would be able to review your status and assist in refining your diet plan to better meet your needs in terms of both appetite and nutrition.
  • An issue that almost always arises with any kind of “craving” is what happens when you are released from a diet or a situation where craving exists and you are, all of a sudden; free to eat whatever you want.  I usually “pig out” when this happens to me.  A cautionary note is necessary here, for cases of craving protein, because eating too much protein is actually dangerous, as this video amply demonstrates – particularly in the case of protein shakes…

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Craving Protein

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